5 Dynamite Gift Baskets for Coworkers

There’s nothing more thoughtful and sweet than receiving a homemade gift basket from someone. The personal touches are proof that you were the center of attention for a moment or two, and this can go a long way to boost your mood at work! If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your next round of gift baskets special, take a peek at these nifty – but easy – ideas.

Thanks Crate Basket

You know your employees are awesome, so prove it by showing them a little love! Our monthly subscription packages make sure you never miss an opportunity to make your employees feel special on their birthday and company anniversaries.

Homemade Soap

It’s far easier to make your own soap than you realize! Craft stores generally sell melt-able (also called “melt and pour”) soap base that you can add your own fragrances and lotion to. Buy fun molds, or go simple with a rectangle! Simply peruse your craft or superstore for essential oils to add to the soaps (but don’t use cinnamon oil, please). Do some research on fragrance combinations, but the tried-and-true fragrance will always be lavender! 

Homemade Lotion

Another handmade gift your coworkers will love, lotion is an amazing product we should all be using – especially during the dry winter months! There’s something soothing about knowing the ingredients that went into your skincare products, so make sure to keep it simple and make custom tags for your friends in the office. There are many different oils and butters you can use in your recipe, so take some time to try some out at home!

Homemade Muffins

Baked goods always seem to bring a smile to people’s faces. Excitement always fills the office when a coworker brings in a sheet of cake or homemade cookies! Likewise, your coworkers will be thrilled to receive something baked with love in an adorable gift basket. Fan favorites are blueberry, pumpkin, and chocolate chip; feel free to experiment! Zucchini muffins during the summer can be a great way to banish your garden surplus!

Crafty Diffuser

What is it about pleasant scents that we all love so much? With all the rage that diffusers and essential oils have been receiving lately, it only makes sense for you to get your coworkers in on the bandwagon. Even better, it only takes a few minutes to put together an easy, DIY oil diffuser! Pick up some wide glassware with a narrow opening and some diffusing reeds. Pack your gift basket with a few oils you think your coworker will like, and you’re ready to gift! 

No-Bake Cookies

It doesn’t get much easier than no-bake goods; they don’t take much time and they will stay fresh for quite a while. Be careful when selecting a recipe if your coworker has food allergies! No-bake cookies often use peanut butter as a binding agent, although you could substitute it for something else. Get creative and decorate your cookies if you’d like – if you aren’t that type of “cook”, decorate your gift basket! The possibilities are endless, so have fun!

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that your coworker will really appreciate. Have fun creating your gift baskets as it’ll show how much you care; mix and match the ideas above to create a truly amazing basket of joy, or select one item to spend extra time on. It’s up to you; don’t worry about getting it wrong! 

The Best Team-Building Ideas: Bring Your Employees Together – the Fun Way

It’s far too easy for us to get stuck in the daily grind at work; Monday through Friday, chugging along to get through to the weekend. As we start to fade into this pattern of thinking, it’s easy to forget our unique position as part of a team at work. If the focus is on making it through to the weekend, it’s difficult to maintain a positive, stress-free work environment. This is of the utmost importance since the quality of our work environment directly impacts our productivity. 

So, what can you do, as a business leader, to help bring the awareness back to the team? You can encourage interaction between team members by workspace organization and desk positioning, but the best way to get people to open up and let others in is to host team-building exercises.

Sales Pitch

Divide your team up into groups of two to three members; it’s best to randomly select the group members so that your individual teams aren’t simple office niches. Give each team a standard office tool or object and ask them to come up with a brief sales pitch for it. You can give each team a set amount of time to prepare or ask them to come up with it on the fly, depending on whether you are interested in improvisation or strategic thinking.

During the sales pitch, the other teams will be given an upper limit that they can “invest”. The team that gets the most money in “investments” wins.

Office Trivia

Using notecards, jot down little-known facts about your office or company. Feel free to include small observations about the color or theme of items and rooms; this will test your employees’ memory and observational skills. If you’d like, you can break the office up into teams and ask them to discuss the answers to each question before they pipe up.

Puzzle Party

As if puzzles weren’t fun enough, puzzle party will take teamwork to a whole new level. You will need one puzzle for each team that participates in this exercise; teams should be no larger than 4. From each puzzle, remove 10 pieces and place them into a bowl. Mix up the bowl and return a random ten pieces to each puzzle. 

If you’d like to add some intrigue to the exercise, pick up some chips for bartering, but don’t explain what they are for – simply include them in the puzzle box. Set a time limit and see who finishes their puzzle first!

Once Upon a Timeline

This exercise can help put the lives of others into perspective with the company they work for. Sometimes it’s easy to feel disconnected with your coworkers and employer – especially if you don’t know much about the business you work for.

Start by drawing a long timeline on a whiteboard; label the right side as the present moment, and the left side as the company’s founding date. Add any pertinent business-related information to the timeline and ask employees to share important events from their life and add them to the board. Don’t force coworkers to over-share, but ask them to share at least one important event from their lives.


For this ‘game’, you’ll need some balls of yarn; if you visit a craft store for new skeins of yarn, you may need to roll your own balls. Break your team into groups of 6-8 and give each a ball of yarn. Have the team form a circle, and choose one person to be blindfolded. Start the yarn ball with one member of the team and inform them to all roll the ball to someone new, ending with the person who is blindfolded. 

Once the yarn web is formed, it is the remaining team members’ job to help the blindfolded member untangle the web! Clear communication will be required, and team members who can see cannot move.

Try these out on your team and see how it affects performance and openness at work!

Office Snack Ideas: Get Your Break Room Out of the Rut!

The whole office gets excited to raid the snack cupboard every week – it’s universal! During a long day at the office, it’s nice to have something yummy and delicious to look forward to. Whether your office has a catered snack system or you stock it yourself, there are many different options you can consider for your employees.

The Healthy Option

While the majority of your employees won’t come running to the break room for healthy granola or peanuts, these foods will provide an option to those who are trying to keep their snack time light and mindful. Depending on demand, you could stock yogurts, jello cups, or nut and cheese packs in the fridge. Dry snacks like granola bars, granola packets, trail mix, and whole-grain crackers are also good options! Don’t forget to consider drinks, as well – tea bags and zero-calorie drink packets will give your employees some variety.

The “Fun” Snacks

Let’s be honest, people get more excited over the chips than the granola. Decide what kind of balance you’d like to strike in your workplace, and purchase snacks accordingly. Sweet and salty treats are likely to help boost company morale; as long as your employees have options, you will find everyone easy to please.

Big hits in the break room will always be fan favorites: chips, pretzels (chocolate or yogurt covered), candy bars, energy drinks, sodas, pastries, hot drinks like coffee and cocoa, and so on. If you can crave it, it’ll be a hit! Try to balance your snack cupboard with different items each week – this way everyone will feel included.

Take Requests!

There’s no better way to satisfy your employees than by inquiring directly. Place a piece of paper on your cabinet or break room wall for employees to write down requests – you don’t have to buy everything next week, but this can help give you ideas that will make your employees happy.

Consider your company’s policy on health and wellness as you stock up on snacks for the months ahead – if your business doesn’t have a core value involving healthy eating, go nuts! If you’d like to send a cleaner, more well-rounded message, tip the snack scale in favor of healthy options: whole foods and some dairy products. It’s really up to you what you choose to put into your office. At the end of the day, your employees can always bring their own snacks to work!

Team Outings Your Office Will Love

There are many reasons to encourage your employees to interact outside of the office; it helps to build strong team bonds, something that is important for maintaining high levels of productivity during the workday. However, some coworkers might be a little more difficult to get out of their shells! Having some exciting team outings that everyone will enjoy is a great way to get your employees together for a good time.

Team Movie Night

For the next big Avengers’ or Star Wars movie, reserve a couple of rows at the movie theater! This is a great introductory activity to get your employees chit-chatting in line or waiting for the show to start. As people start to warm up to each other some more, you can plan more social outings for the team!

Barbeque Bash

There’s nothing that brings people together like food. Pan a potluck-style cookout if you don’t want to spend too much, or go all out with lobster and steak! Whatever food you bring will be a big hit, just don’t forget to fire up the grill and chill some drinks. Invite employees to the cookout site before the food will be ready; this will encourage people to talk and share with each other. If your team is game, plan some activities like cornhole or volleyball!

Bowling Night

This one is a classic for a reason! Anyone can be good at bowling; honestly, even if they aren’t, it can be fun and get everyone laughing! Pick a bowling alley with plenty of space for your team to plan a tournament, order some pizzas, and get rolling! If your team is feeling up to it, you could even try your hands at candlepin, a more difficult type of bowling.

Team Trivia

Check your area for a bar or venue that hosts a trivia night! This outing will encourage your team to work together towards a common goal. If you cover drinks, your employees will be happy to indulge any crazy idea you might have, even karaoke!

Theme Park Day

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your team out of the office and having a blast, look no further than the nearest theme park! After all, adults are really just big kids with responsibilities; we all like to have a little fun every now and then, too. Amusement parks usually offer group discount rates, so call ahead to see what kind of deals you can snag. Try to plan a rain date if the weather turns sour at the last minute; there’s no fun to be had at a rainy amusement park!

Regardless of what you choose to do with your team, make sure to create excitement and plan the event well in advance. Give your employees plenty of time to get excited about the outing, and decide whether to give plus one invites (or allow them to take the family along!). A team outing will help your employees get to know each other better, all while building strong connections that will help them work together more efficiently.

Ten Brilliant Ideas for Your Next Company Gathering

Whether you’re the events planner for your company or you’re just a fun-loving boss, company gatherings are a great way to get everyone out of the office for some casual (but well-intentioned) fun. These events are the perfect way to help co-workers reconnect with each other after vacations and time off, but they can also help lower everyone’s stress! As a bonus, fun activities hosted by the employer can help to strengthen the company culture – an employee’s view of how the business is run and is succeeding.

There are many reasons to have several gatherings per year, so planning a few in advance might be a great way to start the year! You can always take a poll to see what everyone would be most interested in, but sometimes the greatest events will come as a surprise to your employees. We have ten ideas for you, in case you need some help brainstorming; think about the niche your business is in – this might help you narrow down the direction you want to go.

1 – Escape Rooms

You’re all locked (figuratively) in a room and can’t escape until you solve the puzzles! Look into some escape room places in your area and call ahead to see if they have a room big enough for your party size. If you are set on this as an event, you may want to break your group up into teams – random teams work best so that people can mingle!

2 – Tournaments

Any game you can think of can be made into a tournament; if your employees are strategic, pick a board game like chess or risk. You can also hold video game tournaments if your company is IT-based and the employees enjoy these kinds of games. Think outside the box and make sure to have a prize awaiting the winner!

3 – Laser Tag or Paintball

There’s honestly nothing more fun than pelting your team members with harmless lasers and paint. Teamwork will come into play here as the opposing sides must devise a strategy to beat the other half of the office. This will be a day to remember!

4 – Volunteer Work

If pelting and zapping aren’t your company’s forte, consider volunteering at a local food bank or another organization that fits your niche. For example, if you provide some software or service to municipalities, you could search for a way to serve the city your office is set up in – trash pickup, park maintenance… etc.

5 – Cook-Off or Cooking Class

How much fun would this be for the restaurant or catering staff? Get outside, pitch some tents, and light some grills; enjoy the summer weather with a day off. Nothing sparks conversation like good food! Plus, a cooking class could help boost some of your employees’ skills for the workplace. 

If your business isn’t related to food, that’s fine, too; many people wish they could cook but don’t have the time to teach themselves. This would be a unique experience for everyone, including you!

6 – Go-Kart Racing

Does your team have a need for speed? Go-kart racing can be the perfect way to let off steam from a busy week at the office while building up some healthy competition. Few people dislike driving fast, tiny cars – this should be a hit with everyone!

7 – Egg Drop Challenge

Looking for an event that will pick out natural leaders and help build cooperation within a team? This challenge will be the perfect way to learn more about your employees’ personalities and leadership potential. Divide your group up into teams of 4-6 members, and ask each team to design a protective surrounding for a raw egg. 

You can bring in any items you want, but here are some suggested items: tape, toilet paper rolls, rubber bands, tissues, and marshmallows. Set a repeatable distance that all creations will be dropped from. Whoever’s egg survives will be the winner!

8 – Sports Games

Is your team interested in sports? This can be a great way to meet casually outside of work while feeling connected as a team – ask everyone to wear something that supports the home team!

9 – Paint Classes

By now everyone’s heard of the beloved Paint Nite; it’s so much fun to see the skills (and lack thereof) of your co-workers! Plan an event like this for an evening, and enjoy painting with your employees!

10 – Shared Learning/ Skills Workshop

This is an extremely efficient way to spend time at a company gathering while keeping things low-key and casual. If your business usually requests professional clothing and attire, consider loosening the rules for the day to encourage more engagement with the workshops. You may even wish to ask some employees (who are proficient in certain areas) to hold a workshop of their own!

Regardless of what you choose to do as a gathering for your employees, keep it casual and light-hearted. Save the heavy information and obligation for team meetings and reviews! The best way to build company culture is for you to engage with your employees – if that means getting your hands into some paint or using them to toss meat on a grill, so be it! The most important thing is to show that you can have a little fun and kick back, too.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace – Turn 2020 Into an Extraordinary Year for Your Career

Another year has come and gone – with it, a new decade has begun! Whether or not you feel a sense of accomplishment as you look back on the past ten years, bear in mind that the next ten years are well within your control. 

It can be intimidating to consider your resolutions for this year, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it! The dawning of a new year is a paramount time for reflection and repurposing all of your old, hidden dreams! There’s no time like the present; even if you missed a few weeks in January, you can still create resolutions for the whole year.

Don’t know where to start? New Year’s resolutions can be as simple or as personal as you like – the key is that only you will know what you need to focus on. The bigger your goal, the more likely you’ll need to build in checkpoints and smaller tasks within the “big picture”. Take a peek at some of these common resolutions that can be used for your career.

1 – Update the Resume

2019 was likely a busy year for you; take some time to catalog all of your achievements and add any new roles you’ve been assigned to. Updating your resume at least once a year will help make applying for promotions or a new job much less difficult – and it can be nice to reflect on the previous year from a professional standpoint.

2 – Review Your Social Media Profiles

Sites like LinkedIn and any Facebook or Twitter business profiles should be kept as up to date as possible; if you find yourself struggling to keep up with these, set a resolution to check-in with them at least twice per month. Employers routinely check potential applicants’ personal and work profiles for misconduct and brand misrepresentation, so it’s best to not post anything about work that is not positive. Follow general common sense, and don’t engage when one of your friends is poking at the company you work for.

3 – Reorganize and Resolve to Stay That Way

It can be a hassle to keep the workspace clean and tidy (physically and digitally), especially in the middle of a busy week. Staying organized can help keep your head clear and ward off anxiety, so it’s the perfect way to start off the New Year! Arrive at work 15-20 minutes early to go through all of your supplies and items; toss anything irrelevant and restock any items you use often, like pens and notepads. 

To make this most effective, try spending an extra 2-5 minutes every night before you leave tidying up your desk for the next day. Much like waking up to a clean kitchen and coffee pot, arriving to work to see a clean desk will help start each day on the right foot.

4 – Improve Your Health at Work

While most New Year’s resolutions are related to health and fitness, they don’t have to be! This is a simple and effective way to put your health a little more central to your daily life – without working too hard. Try doing things like these to be a little more active at work every day:

  • Pack lunches for yourself (if you don’t normally do so) and try to keep them healthy!
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator. If you work in a tall building, challenge yourself to take one more flight each week – see how far you can go!
  • Inquire about a standing desk at the office. Some ergonomics overseers will have some going spare that you can use unless a doctor-ordered request comes in.
  • Swap your office chair for an exercise ball. These seats can force you to have good posture and engage your back muscles all at the same time!
  • Work stretch breaks into your daily routine. Set alarms if you have to!

5 – Make a List and Work Through it

Literature can be one of the greatest ways to initiate a kick in the pants; motivational books have been a sensation for many years, and it’s not for no reason. If you’re looking to change your outlook on work, learn some new skills, or simply regain your passion for what you do, pick out a few books that you’d like to read by the end of this year. Blogs and podcasts can be a quick way to get motivational inspiration, as well – subscribe to a new blog and read any posts that interest you.

Anything you come up with will be a great starting point. As you continue through the year and accomplish your goals, think of new ones! If you’re always reaching towards goals, you’re always making progress in your daily life; the important thing is that you stick to your guns and keep taking steps forward. 

So, how about it? Are you ready to kick off the New Year with a bang?

Year-End Reviews Preparing for and Delivering Reviews to Employees

Everyone looks forward to the year’s end for one reason or another – a chance to make new resolutions, or a company bonus. However, in order to determine the scale of wage raises and merit bonuses, we all have to get through year-end reviews. If you’ll be conducting some of these, check out our tips and tricks to help navigate through the next month or so.

Prepare Employees in Advance

The best managers and team leads communicate successes and areas for improvement prior to bi-yearly review time. What you communicate to your employees in a private review should not come as a surprise to a well-informed worker. In order to prepare your employees properly, send out a sort of worksheet that they can use to answer a few questions. This worksheet should reference the position description and include questions like:

  • What was your biggest accomplishment in the last 6 months?
  • What is your best strength, and how have you used it to improve recently?
  • What areas do you think you could use some help with?
  • What are your goals for the next 6 months? How can we help you achieve those goals?

Make sure you receive this worksheet back from your employees in ample time to review each thoroughly and make comments ready for review day. If there is a discrepancy between what your employee thinks of their progress and what your perception of their work has been, try to figure out why.

Prepare Yourself in Advance

While you’ll expect your employees to give a little in the way of conversation, you should be prepared with many talking points to keep the meeting rolling. Make sure to provide ample time between sections for questions and feedback. If you’ll be covering statistics and metrics, make sure to provide some context so that your employees know where they stand – if they’re excelling, make that clear. If your worker is lagging behind, make a plan to bring them up to speed and set them up with a mentor ahead of time.

Choose the Right Environment

One of the most important things you can do is to facilitate a non-threatening environment for your employees during review sessions. While you want to aim for professional, not casual, that doesn’t mean you need to set a sterile tone. Employees will be more receptive to both positive and negative feedback if they feel safe and supported. Let them know you’re here to help them succeed, whatever that means.

Follow Up and Request Feedback

This part may be best if employees are able to remain anonymous – if you ask them to put their names on feedback forms, your workers are less likely to give negative opinions; after all, you are their boss! Following up after quarterly or bi-annual reviews is imperative, especially if you made promises to assist someone in catching up. Follow through on any help you offered and check-in at regular intervals – this way, your employees don’t feel forgotten or directionless. 

Well-prepared performance reviews are an indication of a great employer-employee relationship. It is with this that you build an environment of success and support in the workplace. Take the opportunity this year to one-up last year’s reviews; both you and your workers will benefit from having a bit more direction and clear-cut goals to work towards.

Holiday Decorating: Office Style

If we’re all being completely honest, the majority of “holiday cheer” and the sought-after “holiday spirit” comes from all of the brilliant lights and decorations we see all around us! Driving through downtown the saplings may be strung with white lights; your city or town might even decorate a tall evergreen in the park! Decorated houses also spark joy, with their twingly lights, garlands and lawn inflatables. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, it’s uplifting and might even spark joy in your heart to see inflatable snowmen and hear holiday music.

With all this being said, what better way to carry the holiday spirit with you than to bring it into your workplace? Positive attention to details like holiday decoration and themed treats are known to lift the office atmosphere and contribute to positive company culture. While it might seem like a great undertaking to decorate the office, it will surely be worth the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Talk With Management

If you will be taking point on holiday decoration, reach out to upper management to see what ground rules there are. They might want to keep large nails out of the walls and avoid hanging items from the ceiling, for example. You may also want to ask what, if any, existing holiday decorations they have in storage – maybe a previous manager enjoyed decorating but no longer works for the company! Start off on the right foot, and don’t overstep any boundaries if you don’t own the space yourself. 

Be Prepared

Unless you’ll be using decorations already stored at your office, you’ll likely need to transport items from home or a department store. It’s best to take a look at your canvas, so to speak, in order to get an idea for how much you will need. Will you run string lights over the top of all the cubicles? Do you want a holiday village for the break room? Are there many windows that you’d like to decorate with window clings or snowflakes? Take time to make a list of the ideas that come to mind when you are observing your office.

If it’s within your budget and your vehicle allows, it’s better to have too many decorations than not enough. If you find you are left with extra items, bring them home with you or send them home with a coworker – spread the cheer!

Have Fun!

The whole point of decorating is to spread holiday cheer and help build positive memories. Try not to view decoration as a chore, but, rather a fun activity that you can get others involved in. Pick up a couple of boxes of sugar cookies from the bakery, a box of hot coffee from the local coffee shop, and invite some coworkers to join you! Don’t forget to play some peppy holiday music as you hang lights and decorate windows – that would be a missed opportunity!

Workplace Birthday Parties How to Throw a Memorable Party for Your Coworker

Birthdays are one of a few days a year that we get to spend solely on ourselves; as coworkers, we can choose to make this day special for others through any number of methods. By far, the most effective way to make a coworker’s birthday more than just another day at the office is to arrange a party!

Get the Okay

The first thing you should do when planning a party is to clear any festivities with your boss or manager. Some team leaders will ask that you set up a party during the lunch break, so as to not interrupt anyone’s workday. Other companies may welcome a come-and-go party with snacks and decorations set up all day. Talk to management before planning or buying anything massive.

Food and Drink

What would a birthday party be without snacks? The week before your coworker’s birthday, ask some probing questions about your friend’s favorite drinks and chips. What kind of cake would they like? Make notes of all of these things so that you can have their favorite things on hand!


Depending on the space you have to work with – break room, empty cubicle, an empty office – you can decorate an area as much or as little as you want. Even a few balloons can lift the spirits in a small space. Check your local party store for decorations that might help bring a birthday atmosphere to your venue, regardless of the size.

To Gift or Not to Gift

It can be difficult to decide whether or not to spend money on a gift for a coworker. Depending on how generous you wish to be, you can do as little as a personalized card. Even though you might be footing the bill for the food and decorations, it will be nice for your coworker to be able to bring something from the party and keep on their desk. This will remind them about how thoughtful you were to set up such an event just for them!

Inviting Others

Don’t forget to let everyone in the office know about your intention to set up a birthday party for someone – after all, you’re not the lucky birthday recipient’s only coworker! While it may not be proper to ask others for donations to throw the party, some people may offer; this may make it easier for you to do a little bit more.

Office Card

Make sure to purchase a card with plenty of space for everyone to wish your coworker a happy birthday! Some people will simply insert their own name – others may wish to write a note of their own. Purchase this shared card a week or more in advance so that it has time to make it’s way all around the office. Try your best to keep it out of the hands of the birthday guest of honor, though!

Throwing an office birthday party is an amazing way to recognize a coworker. It’s easy to feel lost in the lull of the office as if everyone is the same. What a great idea to help someone feel just a little bit more special one day of the year – on their birthday.

Office Movie Nights The How-To and Why You Should

When you consider office functions, what typical things come to your mind? Some common things might be an office holiday party, Halloween event, or New Year’s Eve bash. Exterior functions and events can serve to boost team and company morale, so they are great additions to the event list, year-round. In fact, an incredibly unique way to spend an evening with coworkers could be to set up a movie party!


Depending on the space available and employees to attend your movie night, you may need to do some rearranging of seats and furniture; do you need to move a flat-screen from another part of the office? Will you be using a projector? If so, how will it be best set up so that everyone can see properly? What hardware will you be using to play the content? Do you need extra HDMI cables or any adaptors for the display device?

Speak to your employees in advance to see who might be interested – get a head-count so that you have ample space and snacks! Will you be asking employees to bring their families? If so, make sure to choose an age-appropriate movie or inform employees what you’ll be playing; this way they can make executive parental decisions as to whether or not to bring along the kids.

Pick a Movie, or Take a Poll

It can be fun to let the employees pick a movie if you have plenty of time to narrow things down. Take a fill-in-the-blank poll, and see what comes to people’s minds. As you get closer to the movie night, select the most popular and take a new poll – ask everyone to rate their picks from one to last. This may help you decide what to put on the big screen if you’re stuck; remember, you can always plan another movie night later on in the year to watch another crowd-pleaser!

Get Snacks!

The large majority of people far prefer watching a movie with a snack to munch on – just picture the movie theatre! Check out your local dollar store for chips and candy; this is a great way to get lots of food if you’ll have many guests. Don’t forget to pick up drinks! Soda and lemonade are nice, but you’ll need ice, too. Pick up some bottled water so that everyone can have something to drink during the movie.

Allow Ample Time

Since the aim of an office movie night is really to bring coworkers closer together in a less formal setting, you should dedicate some down-time for chatting. Inform employees that snacks will be out fifteen to twenty minutes before the movie starts – this will encourage people to show up before the movie starts! Hopefully, everyone can mingle and get to know any new faces or family members that have tagged along.

Above all, have fun! This is definitely a unique and under-used method to boost company and team morale. Everyone loves a good movie, and movies are best shared with family and friends – those we spend the most time with each and every day. Have fun with this event; get employee input on the excitement level for the event, and ask how they enjoyed time with their coworkers. If you find that it went well, consider another movie night next quarter!