How To Start Maintaining A To- Do List From Today!

Almost every person has faced some days when they are not their best productive self and feels like they are slacking off from their assigned tasks. The more you procrastinate, the more these tasks will build up and haunt you later.

While creating a to-do list helps to motivate yourself, sticking to the list and actually performing the tasks can be difficult. Today we will share a few tips that will help to maintain a to-do list!

1.   Create And Stick To Multiple Lists For Better Focus:

While you are in the process of creating a to-do list, it is important that you create separate lists for separate categories. It helps you focus on and finish the task at hand without getting distracted by other ones.

For instance, create one list for your household chores and another for your work. This way you will not get distracted by your household chores when you are at work or vice versa.

2.   Do Not Slack Off While Adding New Tasks To The List:

As soon as you have a new task that has popped up on your mind, immediately add it to the to-do list. This way you will not be dwelling on the thought of having to write down the task for long or be distracted by it while doing other tasks. Once it has been noted, you need not pay attention to it anymore!

3.   Adding Deadlines for the Tasks Helps in Achieving Them:

Adding a due date for the tasks on your to-do list will help generate a sense of importance to them, and hence you will prioritize them better.

Whether the deadline is for tomorrow, or a year later, adding a deadline to your task not only helps remind you of them, but you also get an effective outlook of how your day is going to look beforehand.

Ramp Up Your Productivity With These Music Playlists For Work

Music has the power to do miracles, but many people underestimate its ability to move them in the workplace. From boosting productivity to helping you stay sane; the right music can really transform the way you work.

I mean, come on! Haven’t you felt the pump of the beat coming out of your headphones motivate you to dig into that task that you’ve been putting off? Everybody can tackle their boring office tasks. They just need the right music to set the mood.

Best music playlists that you can listen to while at work

1.   Productivity Music Playlist from Evan Carmichael

If you want something to help you focus, then this 2-hour playlist by well-known YouTube motivational speaker, Evan Carmichael, is your holy grail. Full of electronic up-tempo instrumental music, this playlist paves the way to getting more done in less time.

2.   Upbeat Instrumental Work Music by Live Better Media

Ok, so you’re not a big fan of electronic music. This playlist of happy mood up-tempo songs might be the one for you. This playlist features more than two hours of music to get your mind working and put a smile on your face.

3.   Music to Increase Work Productivity: The Pulse

There’s something about video game music that just keeps you stuck on for hours without losing focus. This playlist does just that for you. Consisting of music that sounds a lot like a subtle video game, this playlist does a great job of waking up your brain without distracting you

4.   8 Hours of Productivity Music with Binaural Beats by Greenred Productions


This playlist of calm, relaxing binaural music is just the thing you need to drive away all the work stress. Simply turn this on in the morning and you’ll find your brain to be in its flow state all day long.


Whether you’re working from home or sharing an office space with coworkers, these playlists are sure to relieve all your stress and give you an extra productivity boost.

Organizing your work year

2020 is finally here! For many, this new decade marks a new opportunity to set new intentions and resolutions. It’s a great time to refocus your energy on those dreams that you’ve had for a while and develop a concrete plan to achieve them. But, what about work? You can approach your professional life the same way you approach your personal one. Get ready to set some goals for the year!

Setting 2020 work goals

Look at the big picture

When thinking about how to approach your professional life in 2020, it’s best to start by looking at the big picture. What are those 2-3 things that would make the most impact in 2020? What would you have to do to consider this a successful year? 

Most likely, you have various responsibilities at your job. Try to group them into categories and assign a goal to each area. Do you interact with customers? How can you improve your customer relations? Maybe you’ve been eyeing a promotion… what would you have to do this year to step up your game and get that new title? 

Remember to also take into account your professional development. What skills would you like to develop this year to be better at your job? Talk about this with your manager, they might even pay for a course or a conference for you to work on your professional development. 

Break it down

After you’ve established those big goals you want to achieve, you should break them down into manageable chunks. This will make them seem a lot more attainable. For example, if you want to sell $1 million dollars this year, you can say that your goal is $250,000 per quarter (or break it up based on your sale seasons). Now, what do you have to do to sell $250,000 this quarter? Start to think of the strategies you’ll need to employ to get to those smaller goals that will add up to your bigger one. Also, remember to set yourself up for success by planning ahead. What do you need to do this quarter to prepare for the next one? 

Breaking down your big goals into digestible chunks will not only set you up for success, but also give you a blueprint on what you have to work on each quarter (or week!) to achieve them. 

Keep it visible

Goals are only as good as their execution. To make sure you keep them top of mind, have them visible on your workspace. One thing that might help is to prepare a presentation so you can write everything out and then create a worksheet that includes the big goals and the breakdown of each. Give yourself some space to check off each milestone as you achieve it and keep it visible near your desk. Another idea, if you keep a notepad to write all your to-do’s, is to use the front cover or back cover to write them down. This way you can easily consult them when needed. You can also post them as your computer desktop background image or screen saver. Using a productivity planner is also a good strategy to keep your goals in mind, many of them offer the break down we mentioned before. 

Check-in with yourself

Each quarter (or week), review your progress and evaluate how you’re doing. Are you making progress toward your big goal or did you derail with other responsibilities? If you’re not on track, what can you do to get back on it? Or, do you need to reevaluate your goal? Sometimes things will change throughout the year, and that’s ok, but don’t use it as an excuse to forget about your goals! Adapt them and keep going. 

By checking in with yourself you can make sure you’re on track toward your goals. And make sure you celebrate every time you achieve a milestone, your hard work is paying off!


Like we mentioned before, sometimes things change throughout the year. That’s ok! Just make sure that you adapt your goals as well. Don’t use this as an excuse to not work on a goal. Say, for example, that you are crushing your sales goal… aim higher! Or that certain company-wide priorities shifts to something else, change your goal accordingly. 

The important thing is to not let your goals fall to the wayside because your priorities changed. 

Setting yearly goals is something we should all be doing. If your company doesn’t have a plan in place to do this, make sure you do it on your own. You’ll see how your work year is a lot more structured and successful because of it.