How To Start Maintaining A To- Do List From Today!

Almost every person has faced some days when they are not their best productive self and feels like they are slacking off from their assigned tasks. The more you procrastinate, the more these tasks will build up and haunt you later.

While creating a to-do list helps to motivate yourself, sticking to the list and actually performing the tasks can be difficult. Today we will share a few tips that will help to maintain a to-do list!

1.   Create And Stick To Multiple Lists For Better Focus:

While you are in the process of creating a to-do list, it is important that you create separate lists for separate categories. It helps you focus on and finish the task at hand without getting distracted by other ones.

For instance, create one list for your household chores and another for your work. This way you will not get distracted by your household chores when you are at work or vice versa.

2.   Do Not Slack Off While Adding New Tasks To The List:

As soon as you have a new task that has popped up on your mind, immediately add it to the to-do list. This way you will not be dwelling on the thought of having to write down the task for long or be distracted by it while doing other tasks. Once it has been noted, you need not pay attention to it anymore!

3.   Adding Deadlines for the Tasks Helps in Achieving Them:

Adding a due date for the tasks on your to-do list will help generate a sense of importance to them, and hence you will prioritize them better.

Whether the deadline is for tomorrow, or a year later, adding a deadline to your task not only helps remind you of them, but you also get an effective outlook of how your day is going to look beforehand.

Productivity Hacks For Work

It’s the beginning of a new decade with 2021 and the productivity curve is showing no signs of slowing down. Every working professional wants to maximize every second of their limited time to be the best in their field.

Are you too looking for some tried and tested hacks to boost your productivity and get more done in less time? These productivity hacks for work are just what you need.

1.   Never Leave the Small Tasks for Last

Be it responding to a not-so-important mail or watering your office plant, always try to finish the smaller tasks first. It might sound tempting to start with the big tasks and leave the smaller ones for the last, but anybody experienced enough knows that this is far from perfect. Leaving the small tasks for later starts a snowball effect where all work starts to pile up and you end up spending a lot more time thinking about them the entire time.

2.   Follow a To-do List

The tasks at your work might look daunting if you don’t know where to start from. A to-do list sorts things out for you by giving you a plan. Sort all your work into three categories: time-sensitive, most important, or least desirable. The most time-sensitive task should get the No. 1 spot followed by others. This will always give you an idea of what needs to be done next.

3.   Curate a Playlist For Work

There’s nothing in this world that cannot be accomplished with the right music. You should prepare a playlist of music that you like and always keep it handy. It will act as an energizer during a quick break or be your companion throughout your work. Having headphones is also a good way to keep out the distracting ruckus of the office and your co-workers.

These were the three most impactful hacks that you can use to boost your productivity at work. Implement them in your daily work routine and you’ll find yourself in your sweet spot, getting your work done faster and more effectively.

Ramp Up Your Productivity With These Music Playlists For Work

Music has the power to do miracles, but many people underestimate its ability to move them in the workplace. From boosting productivity to helping you stay sane; the right music can really transform the way you work.

I mean, come on! Haven’t you felt the pump of the beat coming out of your headphones motivate you to dig into that task that you’ve been putting off? Everybody can tackle their boring office tasks. They just need the right music to set the mood.

Best music playlists that you can listen to while at work

1.   Productivity Music Playlist from Evan Carmichael

If you want something to help you focus, then this 2-hour playlist by well-known YouTube motivational speaker, Evan Carmichael, is your holy grail. Full of electronic up-tempo instrumental music, this playlist paves the way to getting more done in less time.

2.   Upbeat Instrumental Work Music by Live Better Media

Ok, so you’re not a big fan of electronic music. This playlist of happy mood up-tempo songs might be the one for you. This playlist features more than two hours of music to get your mind working and put a smile on your face.

3.   Music to Increase Work Productivity: The Pulse

There’s something about video game music that just keeps you stuck on for hours without losing focus. This playlist does just that for you. Consisting of music that sounds a lot like a subtle video game, this playlist does a great job of waking up your brain without distracting you

4.   8 Hours of Productivity Music with Binaural Beats by Greenred Productions


This playlist of calm, relaxing binaural music is just the thing you need to drive away all the work stress. Simply turn this on in the morning and you’ll find your brain to be in its flow state all day long.


Whether you’re working from home or sharing an office space with coworkers, these playlists are sure to relieve all your stress and give you an extra productivity boost.

This Valentine’s Day Surprise Your Co-Workers with These Innovative Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the day to show love and appreciation to the important people in your life in the form of small gifts, but why limit it only to lovers?

We are aware of how much your co-workers mean to you, how much their moral support have helped you pass through the stressful and difficult days. This year change the conventional norm by gifting small tokens of appreciation to your co-workers with the help of our innovative gift ideas!

1.   No Matter What the Occasion Is, There is none that a good bottle of wine does not go perfectly with.

A good bottle of fine quality wine is the perfect gift option for every occasion. Whether it is Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you are bound to win your co-worker’s delight with wine. And if you thinking of getting a bit more thoughtful, there is absolutely no better option than getting a wine gift basket!

2.   A Coffee Mug For The Ones Whose Day Does Not Start Without A Cup Of Coffee:

We are aware of how your co-worker’s day does not start without a cup of black coffee, and how their entire day is solely fueled by coffee. Hence, a funky or personalized coffee mug is the best gift option! If you are thinking of spending a few extra bucks, you can even go for a temperature-controlled mug, which will not let their coffee go cold while they are busy with other tasks!

3.   When Looking For Personalized Gift Options To Show Your Appreciation, Customized Gift Baskets Are The Way To Go!

The personalized gift baskets from ThanksCrate are customized specifically at a very affordable rate to suit the needs of every kind of co-worker, no matter what their likes are. The wide range of products that the gift baskets cover has it all, ranging from the best quality imported sweets and chocolates to gourmet and healthy food items.

When it comes to selecting gifts to present to your co-workers, you need to put special care that they are well thought out and precious. We hope that our list helped you out!

How To Set Up A Winning Employee Recognition Program

Showing appreciation to a member of the organization, their effort or their achievements, is a key element of the relationship between employees and the company. It brings people closer and nurtures bonds with joy. Therefore, having a winning employee recognition program is fundamental to foster company values and improve overall workplace efficiency and atmosphere.


Think About the Main Goals

When setting up your employee recognition program, the first thing you need to do is to think about its goals. Understanding the basics will make your program an utter success. Even though each company can establish its own goals, the most common ones are encouraging your employees to go the extra mile, improving attitudes, and boosting teamwork.


Outline the Objectives

Having clear objectives will help your employees have direct goals and work towards them. A good employee recognition program should be fair and inclusive, meet the company’s policies, and above all, match the needs of your employees. 

Define the Criteria 

Any award criteria that you decide on, such as providing excellent customer service, being a good team member, or being innovative, should encourage and reward key behaviors that you want to foster in your company.


Decide on the Rewards

After deciding which behaviors you want to reward, you’ll need to determine how you want to reward them. Your rewards could be anything, ranging from framed certificates to grifts cards. Keep in mind to give your employees a reward that makes them feel appreciated and valued.


Communicate and Launch your Program

Once you have decided on the criteria and the rewards, it is time to let your employees know that there is a new program in place. You can send emails to the whole company, post billboards, or schedule a 5-minute talk to explain its scope, how to participate, and which rewards can be earned. Make sure everyone at your company is aware of the recognition program to help make it a success.

Why Gift Baskets Are Better Than Gift Cards For Employee Gifts

Every holiday season, companies look for the best gift to give their employees to show their appreciation and forge stronger bonds.

While there is a wide range of options, there is one that stands out because of its versatility, practicality, and handiness. Let’s see why gift baskets really are the ideal gifting solution.


Gift Baskets Have Something For Everyone


Gift baskets come in a wide variety of styles, and they include many different items. Whether a person likes sweets, healthy or gourmet food, there is a gift basket for everyone.

Even if your employee does not like everything in the basket, they will like some things and can always share the others with someone else.


Gift Baskets Offer Endless Combinations


Keeping your gift strategy fresh year after year is important. Rather than giving presents that everyone expects, why not surprise your employees with items they have never seen or tasted before? There are myriad ways to make a gift basket fun, attractive, and interesting year after year. You can also tailor your basket to suit the preferences of your employees and include keepsake items to provide variety and delight them. 


Gift Baskets Fit Any Budget


Who said that you need to go way above your budget to give your employees a great gift? No doubt, one of the most difficult parts of gift shopping is finding a gift that meets your employees’ expectations.

Gift baskets are very cost-effective. There are lots of amazing fruit baskets, wine gift baskets, spa gift baskets, and travel gift baskets that can be found for under $30.


Gift Baskets Are Easy to Buy


Holiday time is typically a busy season for every company. Many of us don’t have the time to spend on planning and purchasing business gifts. Gift baskets can be delivered directly from the company you order through. They’re also professionally and elegantly wrapped, with aesthetically pleasing product arrangements.


Gift Baskets Spread Kindness


Unlike gift cards, giving a gift basket says something about you and your company. When giving a gift basket, goodwill is inherent in the gesture. The positive message that goes out is that you, as a company, care about the recipients, which are, in this case, your employees.

Tips For Staying Healthy At The Office

The office is the place where millions of people spend the most time each day around the world. Despite appearing harmless because they are in closed environments, the reality is that they can be one of the most dangerous places when it comes to contagious diseases.

Now that the time to go back to the office has arrived, it is necessary to prevent, as much as possible, that viruses spread throughout the workplace and learn how to stay healthy at the office.

Disinfection is Key

Make sure to keep your desk, computer, phone, and everything you use daily clean and disinfected. 

Frequently-touched surfaces should be identified for priority disinfection, such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, bathroom surfaces, personal devices with touch screens, and computer keyboards.

To disinfect, wear disposable gloves and use products that kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Always read carefully and follow the directions on the label to make sure safe and effective use.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

When washing your hands, use plenty of soap and water. The World Health Organization indicates that proper handwashing should last between 40 and 60 seconds, starting by rubbing the palms together, interlocking the hands and vice versa, then continuing with the fingers.

Wash your hands regularly with an alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water. 

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Without a doubt, the most effective form of ventilation during the COVID-19 pandemic is choosing to ventilate work environments naturally. 

Opening doors and windows before the employees get to the office and once they are gone, letting in air from outside, greatly lower pollutant rates in enclosed spaces.

Even in buildings with mechanical ventilation, it is advisable to carry out regular ventilation with open doors and windows.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

Coronavirus is a virus that spreads mainly through contact with an infected person through respiratory droplets generated when a person coughs or sneezes.

You may touch many surfaces that could be contaminated with the virus. If you then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with contaminated hands, you can transfer the virus from the surface to yourself. This advice also applies even if you are wearing gloves.

If you Feel Sick, Stay Home

If you are not feeling well, stay home and call your doctor. He or she will ask you some questions about your symptoms, where you have been, and who you have been in contact with. This will guarantee that you receive the correct medical attention and prevent you from infecting others.

In case you have to go to the office, always wear a mask and avoid direct contact with your collaborators, and do not share the items you use the most.

How To Decorate The Office For The Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and, considering how difficult and challenging this year has been so far, it is a great idea to decorate your office to bring the Christmas spirits in. 

Here are some simple ideas (and an extra tip!) to decorate the office this Christmas while fostering creativity, teamwork, passion for what you do, and seeking happiness at work.

A Unique Christmas Tree

There are countless types of Christmas trees, from the smallest for little offices to the large ones for meeting rooms, reception areas, common areas, or waiting rooms. Once you decide on the size, you need to consider whether to choose natural or synthetic trees. Synthetic trees are a good option to create environmental awareness in all employees.

Then, you have to choose the type of decoration and its color. For example, you can use corporate colors. You can add ornaments, bows, lights, or Christmas figures that match your business image. Another option is to hang all the Christmas cards received from suppliers, clients, and friends or Christmas drawings made by the children of all the people who work in the office.

If you want to be more original, there are other ways to have a Christmas tree, such as making one out of books, industry magazines, or brand catalogs.

Christmas Decorations and Lights

To provide that Christmas atmosphere that we are looking for, you can also decorate the desks or some office corner with small decorations. 

Some ornaments or stars hanging from the ceiling, some flowerpots with poinsettias, etc. Any detail will give a special and original air to the office on these important dates.

String lights add that touch that gets everyone feeling merry. It’s easy to incorporate lights into your Christmas garlands draped over stair banisters or desks. Adding battery powered lights to mason jars makes for pretty centerpieces for the office cafeteria. 

Extra tip! Avoid Religious Decoration

Unlike Halloween or Valentine’s Day, Christmas includes religious iconography. 

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the recommendation is to use neutral decoration and avoid purely religious decorations.

Neutral decoration is understood to be any character or symbol that is not related to religious iconography, for example:

  • Snowmen.
  • Winter atmosphere.
  • Deer (and other animals)
  • Santa Claus (even though Santa Claus may have origins related to religious traditions, such meaning is long lost in the collective memory.)

Remember that there are many people who represent different cultures and thoughts in your company, the decoration must appeal to all of them.

Holiday Office Gifting Guide

What could you give your employees for Christmas? It’s not an easy question: keeping hundreds of employees happy with gifts seems like an even more demanding task than some business goals. But although it seems impossible to please so many people, fortunately, there are three totally infallible gifts for the holidays. These are our recommendations to make your employees happy and keep them motivated.

A Christmas Basket

This is the most traditional gift of all. A good Christmas basket makes anyone happy. A good basket must have a variety of cheeses and wines, also sausages and fresh fruits. You can also add a letter or Christmas card to give an even more personal touch. The Christmas basket is for all those who do not want to take risks with Christmas gifts for employees.

Vouchers and Gift Cards

This is the simplest option for companies. There are paper vouchers, electronic gift cards, e-vouchers, and even voucher codes distributed through text messages. Prepaid debit cards are another alternative.

Whatever the format, employers find vouches an effective way of engaging and motivating their workers, providing a reward of tangible monetary value. Companies like gift vouchers because of the convenience and choice, and they leave the final decision to the individual.

Free Time

How can you give your employees a well-deserved break? There are two options that your workers will appreciate. The first is to analyze which tasks can be done from home, implementing a home-office policy during the holidays, providing your employees with a more relaxed environment and flexibility.

The second option is to give one or half a day off to employees who cannot work from home, either due to the nature of their work, the equipment they must handle in the company, or because their tasks require visiting branches or clients.

ThanksCrate Has Your Back

With an overwhelming variety of gifts that we can pack into a single package, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with our monthly delivery service. Just give us a little bit of information about your employees, and we’ll put together a little something special just for them!

Prepping The Office For The Holidays

With the arrival of the holidays, the sale of business products and services grows exponentially. However, this situation may also have an impact on internal processes.

Business owners must generate a strategy to take advantage of the season. This means more than just training your team and developing a fun marketing plan. Sure, you need to find creative ways to benefit from end-of-year buyer behavior, but you need to go beyond typical behaviors to stand out from your competition.

Clear Accounting

Although this practice should be a guideline to follow from the beginning of the year, analyzing income, expenses, and taxes for the last quarter can help optimize results. It is essential to carry out a daily analysis of income and expenses. 


Throughout the year, the organizational strategy can be relaxed, and the employer can be a little more flexible in terms of organization. Time can be managed more efficiently and avoid distractions, achieving optimal results that will be observed in the company’s day-to-day and towards the end of the year. November is a perfect month to take a step back and take a look at the organization, make adjustments, and have the most efficient end of the year.

It is necessary to plan according to the needs and depending on its economic situation, both internal and external. It is the perfect time to balance, analyze, and readjust. It is impossible to control the future, but you can manage its actions to achieve the desired results.

Detect Weaknesses

The holiday season is a good time to analyze weaknesses and mitigate them to achieve better results. Keeping an eye on the competition will help businesses know what others are doing and how they make last-minute adjustments.

Best Shopping Experience

Online marketing is the most important tool to help overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

This end of the year offers business a new opportunity to reactivate sales and position your products and services. However, for these dates to be meaningful, be aware of where and how consumers are buying, share content that positions your company as an expert in your field, and never leave aside the shopping experience.