How to Bring the Fall Spirit into Your Office this Year

Fall has arrived! With leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes coming out of the coffee shops, and Halloween decorations popping up in stores all around us, it’s easy to get excited about the season. But what about your office? One way to bring some fall spirit into your workplace is by adding a few simple changes. Check out these ways you can bring the fall spirit into your office:

1) Add seasonal touches like pumpkins or cornucopias on desks or around the office. These are easy things you can have your coworkers help with. Or, if there is a party at work for Halloween or Thanksgiving, consider having everyone bring in their own pumpkin to be put on display by the entrance so when they come into work it’s already decorated!

2) Hang that festive string of lights. You can get them with leaves, in yellows and browns or even pumpkin-shaped! There is a wide variety of fall-themed string lights at Amazon.

3) Put up a bulletin board with everyone’s favorite autumn activities written on it.  You can even ask your coworkers to send in their photos of what they love about the fall season. Have them write it down on a piece of paper, attach it with scotch tape and post it up!

4) Fill vases with dried leaves and flowers and place them around the office. Remember to keep in mind fall colors.

5) Play some music from Pandora and Spotify to get that autumnal vibe going.

6) If you’re looking for some fun activities at work during this time of year, here are just a few ideas:

  • You can schedule an afternoon outing to a local pumpkin patch and take some great office pictures! 
  • Give employees a Starbucks gift card (or to a local coffee shop) to get their pumpkin spice latte game on. You can also equip the office kitchen with pumpkin spice coffee and treats!

These are just some ideas to bring the fall spirit into your office. What else do you traditionally do in your office? Share your best Autumn decorating tips in the comments!

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