What to Write in a Work Anniversary Card

When someone new joins the company, it’s important to make them feel welcome. Showing appreciation to a new co-worker radically changes the atmosphere at work, and don’t we all want to work in a nice environment? 

Before you know it the new guy might be celebrating their first anniversary in the company! Nothing says “you’re one of us now” as getting a work anniversary card from your co-workers. Depending on your work environment, you may want to take the time to congratulate the newbie on a year with the company, or on other work anniversaries. Regardless of how close you are to your coworkers, we’ve got the perfect messages to help fill your greeting cards.

10 Ways to Say “Happy Work Anniversary!”

One Year

Hey Chris! If my math is right, you’ve been a __________ employee for 365 days. Congrats on putting up with all of us for a year, we’ve loved having you as a part of the team.

Happy “work-iversary,” Chris! You’ve really changed the office for the better since you’ve been here. Thanks for all you do; keep up the good work.

Chris! How has it already been a year? I guess they say “time flies when you’re having fun.” Seriously, though; thanks for doing what you do every day – you’re a real asset to our team.

Congrats! You’re not the new guy anymore, Chris! You’ve shown enormous potential from day one; it feels like you’ve been a part of the team forever.

Milestone Years

Hey Chris, happy fifth anniversary with us at ___________. Your work ethic and passion for what you do are an inspiration to those around you. Thank you for everything these past five years.

Ten years is a huge indication of your dedication to success with our company. Thank you so much for everything you’ve put into your time here with us so far – we look forward to what the future brings you.

Chris, I just wanted to write a short note letting you know how much I’ve appreciated seeing you grow with the company in the last ten years. If I could be half as successful and driven as you, I would be destined for greater things. Thank you so much for being a great role model; we all appreciate everything you do.

Any Number of Years

Hey, Chris! It’s been another year at the office for you – are you tired of us all yet? Just kidding; thanks for the smile you bring into the office every day. We have no idea how you manage it, but it always lifts the atmosphere a little bit each morning. Keep on doing what you’re doing – it’s working for you.

Happy work anniversary, Chris. I really appreciate everything you’ve brought to the company in the past few years. It’s been amazing getting to know you; you’ve helped me with so many projects I was struggling with. Here’s to an even better next year.

From Chris – the new intern… to Chris – everyone’s go-to guy! You’ve done some amazing work in the past couple of years, and we’re all incredibly proud to have you on our team. Here’s to many more; you have great things in store with this company.

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