Gratitude: Showing Clients You Care

As a business owner or team leader, you already know how pivotal your client base is to your operation. After all, your customers are what keep your business afloat! Customer appreciation days are widely practiced due to their remarkable ability to increase sales and revenue, all while boosting customer and employee morale. It really is in every company’s best interest to give a little bit back to the consumer.

What Can You Do

Depending on your business, you can take this project in any number of directions. Large corporations can start by reworking automatic emails and by speaking to representatives on what sort of tone should be carried in conversation. Restaurants usually succeed at customer appreciation by running an appreciation day once or twice a year – for this, you could lower prices and offer a raffle prize!

Smaller businesses who are on first-name bases with customers have a wider range of options. Send out custom cards, thanking your clients for their continued participation in your business. Consider handwriting some or all of the cards so that they bear more weight. If this isn’t possible, select the top percentage of your clients – those that bring in the most profit.

Consider running statistical analyses from before and after your customer appreciation experiment. While it’s nice to see the benefits firsthand, always remember to keep sincerity and honesty at the core of your company values. The only thing worse than failing to show appreciation to your clients is to go too far and appear forceful or cheesy. 

Can’t find the right words to recognize clients on your own? Here are a few tried-and-true ideas to help you brainstorm what might be best for your particular business:

  • Offer coupons and gift cards either through physical or e-mail. Customers will feel like you thought specifically of them. Be sure to thank clients for their ongoing patronage in your message.
  • Run a Twitter campaign if you have a social media team up to the task. Hashtag your brand name and some short slogan that describes what you’d like to portray to your loyal customers.
  • Offer special rewards, free items, or heavy discounts on a customer’s birthday. You can automate these things if your client base is large, but don’t forget to make the message feel personal and thoughtful.
  • Run a customer spotlight weekly, or even more often. Recognize customers for doing good deeds or using your product to help others.

The great thing about customer appreciation is that you can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like. From extra smiles on cashiers to free beverages on birthdays, the possibilities are endless. Your clients will love the recognition and genuine interest your company shows. It’s in every business’s interest to invest in a customer appreciation campaign.

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