Writing the Perfect Thank You Card: Tips, Tricks, and Occasions

Not sure if you should write a thank you note? Confused about what to write inside your card? Play it safe and do some homework before diving right in! A well thought out thank you card will mean more to someone than a “thanks” in person, so it’s incredibly important to get it right the first time around.

When Should You Send A Thank You Card?

One of the greatest tools for card-sending is: if you aren’t sure, you probably should. If you find that the occasion in question is not on the following list, send one anyway! Recipients are generally thrilled to feel appreciated through something even as simple as a thank you note – your words will not fall upon deaf ears.

Baby (or Bridal) Shower

You should definitely send a thank you note as the expecting mother or bride-to-be, to at least those that brought you gifts. It’s incredibly generous for someone to pick out, make, or collect items for you or your coming baby! Make sure to reference the gift you were given and say something about how you will use it.


As the newly-wed couple, it’s customary to send thank you cards to all who attended your wedding. Even if someone did not get you a gift, it’s nice to thank them for bearing witness to your matrimony; explain how it was important to you that they were able to attend and enjoy the day with you! For those who sent you gifts, don’t merely thank them for the gift – again, explain how happy you were to see them at your reception and ceremony.

Job Interview

You should always take the opportunity to thank your interviewers for their time – after all, you did get the interview! Sending a thank you note can allow you to reiterate your strengths and follow up on any questions they might have had during the interview. A candidate who sends a post-interview note shows more personability and dedication than someone who doesn’t send one.

Birthday and Dinner Parties

If you recently had a birthday party or attended a dinner party, it is customary to send a thank you note. Thank everyone who attended your birthday party, making reference to any gifts you received. For a dinner party you attended with a family member or friend, thank them for hosting you and feeding you!

Funeral Gifts and Donations of any Kind

As with any other gift, you should consider sending a thank you card to those who contributed to the beauty of a funeral or the health of your business. While it may be difficult for you to send out thank you notes immediately after the loss of a loved one, feel free to take time before sending your card – no one will blame you.

Graduation Party

Graduation is an exciting time for you! Whether you have just finished high school or a master’s degree, your achievement is something to celebrate. As with any of the previous occasions, it is best to thank someone for a gift they brought you.

Other Situations

  • Receiving a letter of recommendation
  • Getting accepted for or finishing an internship
  • Receiving an award
  • Acknowledging inspirational teachers
  • Influential people in your life – coaches, parents, mentors
  • Hospital staff who helped you recover
  • Whenever you feel that a verbal thank you isn’t enough!
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