Spring Break Fun – At The Office: It’s Not Just for School Anymore

It’s guaranteed that we all remember the allure of Spring Break every year; did your family plan a vacation or a weekend getaway? Perhaps your week was filled with outdoor activities or camping! Regardless, Spring Break was the perfect time to relax and unwind – a time to reset and recover before diving into the next months of school before Summer. Now that we’re all older, we don’t necessarily get that same breather; why can’t we enjoy a little “r & r” at work for the week?

1. Jeans All Week

Whether your office is business casual or simply casual attire, odds are most people at least wear khakis. Let everyone take a breather by encouraging employees to wear the clothing they would be most comfortable in to run errands or drive in. Most people will opt for jeans or nice leggings if allowed, so suggest whatever you feel comfortable with for your business.

Hawaiian Shirt Madness!

To kick up the Spring vibes a notch or two, ask everyone to wear a tropical-themed shirt! You could even hold a contest for the most colorful outfit each day of the week. It’s your office, you decide how crazy to be!

2. Coloring Contest

Print out some adorable spring pictures and purchase some colored pencils for the office to share. Ask everyone to color a picture and submit them for judging; the best-colored picture could win a prize as elaborate or simple as you wish. Keep things fun and exciting – the goal is to help employees relieve stress this week, just like when you were all younger.

3. Cornhole Champions

If we’re all being honest, who doesn’t love a quick game of cornhole? You get to throw things and show off your aiming skills! Set up a cornhole area in your office and encourage people to practice on their off-time. Print out some sheets that outline the championship, and ask people to complete their games throughout the week. Who will be left standing?

4. Murder Mystery

There are pre-made packages you can buy for office teams, but you could always make up a mystery on your own, too! Bring everyone in for a team meeting at the beginning of Spring Break week to brief the teams on the clues. Allow teams to work on the mystery throughout the week, and set up a meeting every day to discuss the mystery. You can continue the murder mystery as long as it takes to solve or provide hints depending on how much time you’d like your employees to spend on this.

5. Volun-team!

For the week of your office Spring Break, set aside some time to do community volunteer work; not only will this help boost your local company image, but it will also help your employees get outside for part of their time at the office this week. Depending on what you choose to do with your team, you could follow up the day’s good deeds with a cookout or other outdoor event.

Get creative and have fun! You might want to ask your employees for ideas as well. Whatever you plan for your employees and team, make sure it includes some time – even if it’s just ten minutes per day – for extra relaxation outside of break time. Your employees will appreciate the breather and effort you put into planning off-time for them!

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