Team Outings Your Office Will Love

There are many reasons to encourage your employees to interact outside of the office; it helps to build strong team bonds, something that is important for maintaining high levels of productivity during the workday. However, some coworkers might be a little more difficult to get out of their shells! Having some exciting team outings that everyone will enjoy is a great way to get your employees together for a good time.

Team Movie Night

For the next big Avengers’ or Star Wars movie, reserve a couple of rows at the movie theater! This is a great introductory activity to get your employees chit-chatting in line or waiting for the show to start. As people start to warm up to each other some more, you can plan more social outings for the team!

Barbeque Bash

There’s nothing that brings people together like food. Pan a potluck-style cookout if you don’t want to spend too much, or go all out with lobster and steak! Whatever food you bring will be a big hit, just don’t forget to fire up the grill and chill some drinks. Invite employees to the cookout site before the food will be ready; this will encourage people to talk and share with each other. If your team is game, plan some activities like cornhole or volleyball!

Bowling Night

This one is a classic for a reason! Anyone can be good at bowling; honestly, even if they aren’t, it can be fun and get everyone laughing! Pick a bowling alley with plenty of space for your team to plan a tournament, order some pizzas, and get rolling! If your team is feeling up to it, you could even try your hands at candlepin, a more difficult type of bowling.

Team Trivia

Check your area for a bar or venue that hosts a trivia night! This outing will encourage your team to work together towards a common goal. If you cover drinks, your employees will be happy to indulge any crazy idea you might have, even karaoke!

Theme Park Day

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your team out of the office and having a blast, look no further than the nearest theme park! After all, adults are really just big kids with responsibilities; we all like to have a little fun every now and then, too. Amusement parks usually offer group discount rates, so call ahead to see what kind of deals you can snag. Try to plan a rain date if the weather turns sour at the last minute; there’s no fun to be had at a rainy amusement park!

Regardless of what you choose to do with your team, make sure to create excitement and plan the event well in advance. Give your employees plenty of time to get excited about the outing, and decide whether to give plus one invites (or allow them to take the family along!). A team outing will help your employees get to know each other better, all while building strong connections that will help them work together more efficiently.

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