Building a better school year: How to Support Working Parents

It’s that time of year again. Kids are heading back to school, and parents are returning to the office after a long summer break. For many working parents, it can be really tough to find the balance between work and family life during this busy time. Here are some ways that you as an employer can support working parents during back-to-school season:

1) Offer flexible hours scheduling so parents don’t have to choose between their job or staying home with sick children. Especially now that we are living in a time where Covid can strike at any time, it’s especially important for working parents to have the ability to stay home with kids if they are under the weather.  

2) Provide access to childcare for employees who need child care while they’re at work.  This is especially important for single parents who may have to work during school hours, but are unable to provide child care themselves. 

3) Paid emergency leave -Employers should consider offering paid emergency leave so that working parents don’t need to choose between their job or providing support in case of emergencies at home. This provides security and peace of mind to working parents that might need some extra time during these difficult times. Let employees take additional paid days off if they’re needed because of an emergency situation with their child.

4) Get them gift cards! Offer some help with back-to-school basics with a gift card from Target or Walmart. Parents have a lot of extra expenses during back to school and this simple gesture will make them feel like you have their back.

5) Take into account school hours. Have an early morning meeting and a room full of working parents? Could you move the meeting up 30 mins to give them a chance to walk into the office and settle in before running to the conference room?

These are just some tips you could implement in the office to support working parents. What other initiatives does your company have? Share in the comments!

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