How To Approach The “Promotion” Conversation With Your Boss

Asking for a promotion can be a rather complicated endeavor. Not only do you have to talk to your boss and expose every reason why you think you deserve it, but you also have to do it in such a way that you do not appear desperate.


Here are some general guidelines for you to take into account so that this conversation with your boss becomes more professional and effective, and you get that promotion you deserve so much.

Choose the right place, time, and words

The first thing is to know the company in detail, understand the business, know how the organization is built, and what role you play in it, identifying how you can contribute. 


A short meeting in a quiet space and an environment of trust can be the key to having an effective conversation with your direct boss about your career needs. 

Identify the position you want

It is important that you are completely sure of what you want for your professional future before requesting a job promotion. Many people ask for a promotion, but cannot find the right area or position for them within the company. Have you already considered this aspect?


If there is already a specific position, it is a great advantage because you only have to apply for it. If not, you and your boss may have to come up with a new role. Creating a “new job” is not an absurd idea; this is your chance to show that you are really ready to take on a new responsibility. Speak confidently, so your boss can tell that you are a leader and ideal for handling new projects and challenges.

Ask for feedback

If you are already having this conversation with your boss, ask them to share what they think of your work so far. You may find details that you had not noticed before. Also, requesting feedback from your boss will let them know that you are willing to listen and find new ways to grow.

Be patient

Once you have spoken with your superiors, there is nothing else to wait. These decisions are not made overnight (usually). Sometimes it can take months, but the fact that they take time to communicate if you have obtained the position or not does not mean that they are not considering it or that it will not happen.


Be patient, keep working just as hard, or even harder than before!

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