Office Snack Ideas: Get Your Break Room Out of the Rut!

The whole office gets excited to raid the snack cupboard every week – it’s universal! During a long day at the office, it’s nice to have something yummy and delicious to look forward to. Whether your office has a catered snack system or you stock it yourself, there are many different options you can consider for your employees.

The Healthy Option

While the majority of your employees won’t come running to the break room for healthy granola or peanuts, these foods will provide an option to those who are trying to keep their snack time light and mindful. Depending on demand, you could stock yogurts, jello cups, or nut and cheese packs in the fridge. Dry snacks like granola bars, granola packets, trail mix, and whole-grain crackers are also good options! Don’t forget to consider drinks, as well – tea bags and zero-calorie drink packets will give your employees some variety.

The “Fun” Snacks

Let’s be honest, people get more excited over the chips than the granola. Decide what kind of balance you’d like to strike in your workplace, and purchase snacks accordingly. Sweet and salty treats are likely to help boost company morale; as long as your employees have options, you will find everyone easy to please.

Big hits in the break room will always be fan favorites: chips, pretzels (chocolate or yogurt covered), candy bars, energy drinks, sodas, pastries, hot drinks like coffee and cocoa, and so on. If you can crave it, it’ll be a hit! Try to balance your snack cupboard with different items each week – this way everyone will feel included.

Take Requests!

There’s no better way to satisfy your employees than by inquiring directly. Place a piece of paper on your cabinet or break room wall for employees to write down requests – you don’t have to buy everything next week, but this can help give you ideas that will make your employees happy.

Consider your company’s policy on health and wellness as you stock up on snacks for the months ahead – if your business doesn’t have a core value involving healthy eating, go nuts! If you’d like to send a cleaner, more well-rounded message, tip the snack scale in favor of healthy options: whole foods and some dairy products. It’s really up to you what you choose to put into your office. At the end of the day, your employees can always bring their own snacks to work!

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