Ramp Up Your Productivity With These Music Playlists For Work

Music has the power to do miracles, but many people underestimate its ability to move them in the workplace. From boosting productivity to helping you stay sane; the right music can really transform the way you work.

I mean, come on! Haven’t you felt the pump of the beat coming out of your headphones motivate you to dig into that task that you’ve been putting off? Everybody can tackle their boring office tasks. They just need the right music to set the mood.

Best music playlists that you can listen to while at work

1.   Productivity Music Playlist from Evan Carmichael

If you want something to help you focus, then this 2-hour playlist by well-known YouTube motivational speaker, Evan Carmichael, is your holy grail. Full of electronic up-tempo instrumental music, this playlist paves the way to getting more done in less time.

2.   Upbeat Instrumental Work Music by Live Better Media

Ok, so you’re not a big fan of electronic music. This playlist of happy mood up-tempo songs might be the one for you. This playlist features more than two hours of music to get your mind working and put a smile on your face.

3.   Music to Increase Work Productivity: The Pulse

There’s something about video game music that just keeps you stuck on for hours without losing focus. This playlist does just that for you. Consisting of music that sounds a lot like a subtle video game, this playlist does a great job of waking up your brain without distracting you

4.   8 Hours of Productivity Music with Binaural Beats by Greenred Productions


This playlist of calm, relaxing binaural music is just the thing you need to drive away all the work stress. Simply turn this on in the morning and you’ll find your brain to be in its flow state all day long.


Whether you’re working from home or sharing an office space with coworkers, these playlists are sure to relieve all your stress and give you an extra productivity boost.

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