What You Need To Do To Get A Promotion

Getting promoted, for many, means recognition of effort, loyalty, and professionalism. It also represents the challenge of having to grow on a personal and professional level to be able to fulfill the responsibilities that your new position brings.

But getting the desired promotion is not achieved overnight. In a highly competitive environment, it requires training, strategy, effort, and discipline.

If one of your goals is to achieve a job promotion, this is the right time to start working towards that goal. Do you want to know where to start? Then take a look at these tips!

Update your knowledge and skills

A promotion brings new responsibilities and greater challenges. To face these challenges, you will need certain knowledge and skills. The best way to show that you are ready for job promotion is to work on the knowledge and skills you will need for your future role.

Once you have them, make them visible, either by improving your professional profile on the Internet or by notifying your boss that you have a new certification or title.

Become a team player

Working well and working hard generally means being able to work being part of a team. To achieve this, it is necessary to have communication and negotiation skills and know how to delegate responsibilities and encourage outstanding results. 

One of the things any manager pays attention to when promoting team members is if they respect and appreciate their colleagues. If so, it is easier for them to establish positive working relationships with their colleagues from a new position, communicate with them effectively, and achieve the company’s objectives.

Also, you must become the person your superior trusts when it comes to managing complicated issues or putting out the odd fires. To do this, you must be proactive, very organized, and always respond to important emails and calls.

Develop your collaboration skills

Among the different roles that exist in each team, there are always people with great skills for collaborative work and who know how to negotiate, listen, and engage others. You must practice these skills and let your boss know that you have what it takes to promote horizontal, interactive dynamics in which feedback is a learning tool.

Bet on innovation

Many companies not only value professionals capable of assuming their position and getting the job done but also professionals who are capable of offering points of view beyond the usual. Leaving the comfort zone and betting on new ways of doing things adds extra value to your work and abilities.

Accept criticism and try to improve every day

If you want to acquire greater responsibilities, you must show that you have the ability to do so by keeping a good attitude and fostering a pleasant work environment. Try to be positive, purposeful, and enthusiastic.


There will always be suggestions, criticisms, and observations from colleagues or bosses, so it is important to learn to deal with them. You must be clear that accepting them does not always imply giving up on your opinion or point of view. 


Even if a promotion seems difficult to achieve, give yourself time, be constant, and let others know your achievements to get to your objective sooner.

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