Why Gift Baskets Are Better Than Gift Cards For Employee Gifts

Every holiday season, companies look for the best gift to give their employees to show their appreciation and forge stronger bonds.

While there is a wide range of options, there is one that stands out because of its versatility, practicality, and handiness. Let’s see why gift baskets really are the ideal gifting solution.


Gift Baskets Have Something For Everyone


Gift baskets come in a wide variety of styles, and they include many different items. Whether a person likes sweets, healthy or gourmet food, there is a gift basket for everyone.

Even if your employee does not like everything in the basket, they will like some things and can always share the others with someone else.


Gift Baskets Offer Endless Combinations


Keeping your gift strategy fresh year after year is important. Rather than giving presents that everyone expects, why not surprise your employees with items they have never seen or tasted before? There are myriad ways to make a gift basket fun, attractive, and interesting year after year. You can also tailor your basket to suit the preferences of your employees and include keepsake items to provide variety and delight them. 


Gift Baskets Fit Any Budget


Who said that you need to go way above your budget to give your employees a great gift? No doubt, one of the most difficult parts of gift shopping is finding a gift that meets your employees’ expectations.

Gift baskets are very cost-effective. There are lots of amazing fruit baskets, wine gift baskets, spa gift baskets, and travel gift baskets that can be found for under $30.


Gift Baskets Are Easy to Buy


Holiday time is typically a busy season for every company. Many of us don’t have the time to spend on planning and purchasing business gifts. Gift baskets can be delivered directly from the company you order through. They’re also professionally and elegantly wrapped, with aesthetically pleasing product arrangements.


Gift Baskets Spread Kindness


Unlike gift cards, giving a gift basket says something about you and your company. When giving a gift basket, goodwill is inherent in the gesture. The positive message that goes out is that you, as a company, care about the recipients, which are, in this case, your employees.

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