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You know your employees are awesome, so prove it by showing them a little love!

Our monthly subscription packages make sure you never miss an opportunity
to make your employees feel special on their birthday and company anniversaries.  

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Sign up to check it out. We only charge you for boxes sent.

2 Add your team mates

Import, connect, or manually add your team members’ dates of hire and dates of birth.

3 We’ll do the rest!

Your employees will receive a gift and a card from you on each milestone day.

What our fans are saying

Thankscrate is helping companies save time, improve morale,
and creating a culture of appreciation.

My team love the cards they get with each birthday or workiversary. They display them on their desk. And I don't have to write them by hand anymore! This is worth every penny.

Justin Davis

CEO, Finiac

As we grew, I spent more and more of my time worrying that I would miss someone's work or personal milestone. Thankscrate has been worth it for the peace of mind alone.

Steve Lazaridis

CEO, Phonism

Thankscrate has been a huge success at Sourcetoad. It still keeps the personal feeling of having a custom card, but takes away all the work of shipping out gifts to team members.

Deborah Neff

VP Operations, Sourcetoad

How it works

Boost Morale

Boost Morale

Making employees feel appreciated goes a long way. With thankscrate, every crate arrives with an assortment of gifts customized for your employee and their special occasion.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

As a business owner or manager, Thankscrate helps you by automating the gift-giving process. Just fill out a simple form for each of your employees, then let Thankscrate work our magic.

Never Forget Again

Never Forget Again

As humans, sometimes we forget things. But, not with thankscrate. Our platform was built with humans in mind, ensuring you’ll never have to remember another birthday or anniversary again.

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