Expressing Gratitude to Coworkers

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Expressing Gratitude to Coworkers

The members on your work team are often a second family – you see each other forty (or more!) hours a week. You may even be friends with some of them outside of work. From time to time, you may want to show a bit of extra appreciation to your coworkers, aside from the usual high five or flat “thank-you”. Sometimes it’s nice to go out of your way a little bit to do something special for someone, even if it’s for no particular reason.

Showing Thanks to Coworkers

Pick up Some of Their Workload

If you work in a team environment where everyone does similar work, offer to take some of a coworker’s caseload or callbacks. This is especially helpful if they have covered your work at some point and you’d like to repay them. People who are struggling at home may also have a harder time keeping up with the quota they usually adhere to. If you want to help in some way, this is a great place to start.

Bring in a Coffee

Nothing says “hey, I was thinking about you” like a cup of coffee. It shows that your coworker or friend was on your mind as you went through the drive-thru this morning. Though extremely simple, this is an effective way to show someone you appreciate them.

Acknowledge a Job Well Done

Everyone loves being called out for their successes, including your peers. If your supervisor sends out a team email that cites an agent for great work, make sure to acknowledge their recognition in person.

Additionally, if you had a significant amount of help from a member of your team and you’d like to see them recognized, you can email your boss or mention their outstanding assistance during a team meeting. Explain the situation they assisted you with and let your boss know how much you appreciate your coworker’s hard work.

Be Specific

While a verbal “thank you” can be powerful, it’s best to go into detail about what you are grateful for, and how your coworker’s kindness or help made your day better. If you’re not great with in-person interaction, you could even write a message in a greeting card and leave it on your coworker’s desk; this will get the point across without you feeling uncomfortable.

Be Humble

Above all, let go of your need to be the best at everything. Sometimes you’ll need a little help from a team member; when you do, make sure to show your coworker that you are grateful! Being part of a team is often give and take; always aim to be the most giving, and you’ll be setting a great workplace example.